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ZapIt is our cross-platform high performance solution for barcode data collection, inventory control and e-commerce photography. The ZapIt Scanner and ZapIt Uplink Server apps are written in C++ for top notch performance on any platform and include a QR-code system for linking scanning devices to servers instantly, as well as a built-in file transfer capability for uploading barcode data seamlessly over WiFi and mobile data. No more pricey and finicky scanning equipment. If you’ve got a smartphone with a camera or bluetooth barcode scanner, you’re ready to go.

We also can provide custom middleware (ZapIt Website Manager) to integrate ZapIt with your ecommerce system to automate product photography and content. ZapIt can take a scanned barcode for your inventory and link multiple product photos to it for upload to your website, as well as providing custom reporting on product and content coverage and gaps for your website. No more spreadsheets and USB cables, with ZapIt you can run the whole operation from your smartphone and PC with push button automation.

Standardized pricing coming soon, please contact us at for sales inquiries.

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